Jameson "Jake" Coffey
Vocals | Guitar

Jameson (Jake) Coffey’s love for music reaches to the beginning of his earliest memories. Jakes great grandmother, Pauline Cox, started the trend of pickin’ and grinnins’ every weekend at her house. Witnessing live music at such an early age and exposure to the power of songwriting, musicianship, and delivery greatly influenced his path to pursuing a career in music.

Jake began playing guitar at age 13 and had written his first song within a year. Many songs followed and eventually led to the bass spot in a three piece band with his uncle at age 19. The group gigged frequently at many honky tonk bars throughout Texas and New Mexico, gaining him vital show experience. Jake moved back to Amarillo TX a few years later and began sculpting his singing and songwriting skills by playing open mics and opening local show at bars such as “The Ranch House” and “Shooters.”

Mountain Deer Revival started in 2012 following a move to Wichita KS. It is the culmination of years of hard earned musical skill and relentless persistence. His love of singing and songwriting is always evolving and he hopes to touch people’s hearts with the power of music.

Jason Coffey
Vocals | Banjo | Guitar

MDR Vocals/Banjo/Guitar player, Jason Coffey, grew up in Amarillo, TX with a family full of musicians. From infancy, he was surrounded by weekly family country music jams that greatly influenced his song writing and playing style well before he picked up a guitar at age 13. His love of music has lead to years of songwriting on vocals and guitar and have culminated in a progression to the banjo. Coffey’s goal in music is to write meaningful songs that speak to the heart and connect musically to crowds worldwide. Wide. Wide.

Dale Ray Shuey
Lead Guitar

Dale Ray Shuey began playing guitar at age 12 and has relentlessly pursued the instrument for 20-years. Shuey has studied classical, jazz, metal, blues, rock and country guitar in addition to teaching youth and adult guitar lessons for 8-years. Dale Ray Shuey joined Mountain Deer Revival in November of 2012 and was a welcome addition stylistically to the country influences of the band. Shuey’s goal as a musician is to write the best music his hands and brain can produce and spread positivity through raw musical expression.

Connor Edmundson

Connor Royce Edmundson began his musical journey with drums at 11-years of age. Within a year he had played his first gig. By 13 Edmundson had joined “The Preston Richie Trio”. The band’s complex blues, jazz and Latin influence beats, steady practice regimen, and consistent gig schedule was a superb introduction to the musical scene in Wichita, KS at a very young age. Hundreds of shows and a recording closely followed with the heavy metal band “ASHA”, who were well known for their high energy stage presence and blistering musical approach. Connor’s metal drum skills progressed further still with the forming of the extreme death metal band “Ages”. Now, with MDR, Edmundson has a level of professional drumming experience, painstaking work ethic, and natural talent that make him a musical force to be discovered.

Matt Ohm
Bass | Harmonica

Bassist, Matthew Ohm, is a Wichita based musician with an eclectic musical upbringing. Matt began playing piano at the age of 6 and moved to trumpet by 11. Guitar soon followed and eventually led to harmonica and bass guitar. It’s this course of events and the inevitable influences associated with each instrument that sculpted Ohm’s versatile approach to music. Classical, Bluegrass, Country, Blues and Jazz music all contribute to his unique style and impeccable tone. Ohm has been in bands for 9-years and considers music a way of life whether jamming out or anchoring the groove with MDR, it’s the experiences of the journey that continually define him. Ohm lets life and music lead him to an endless artistic realm of no rules, restrictions or boundaries.

Texas Pitstop // Mountain Deer Revival - Mountain Deer Revival
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